The year in review (2016)

It was a great year. At the top of the list of positive things was the birth of our second grandchild, Eliana Grace. Second was our pilgrimage to Spain to walk the Camino. It was this experience that inspired me to start a blog. I had actually signed up for a blog years ago, but had not started doing any writing. 

As I reviewed my pictures from the year, there were many themes that were obvious. 

  • I like sunrises and sunsets. 
  • I like clouds. 
  • God is everywhere (but I already knew that)
  • Sunrise and sunset happen fairly quickly
  • First flower sighting was March 21
  • Last flower sighting was December 2
  • There are a lot of different flowers to be seen between 3/21-12/2
  • The pond outside Soin Hospital can look very different on different days
  • God is good!