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There are so many amazing things to see in Yellowstone. This area was one of the most unbelievable. This is a hot spring in the West Thumb Geyser Basin. There were many, some much closer to the lake. One, the Fishing Cone, is actually within the lake. It is so named because the water in it is so hot that you could catch fish from the lake and cook it in the hot spring without moving your feet.

Photos can provide contrast in multiple ways: light/dark, sharp/blurry, a rainbow of colors. It’s not hard to imagine the heat and cold in this image. Life also provides us with strong contrasts: joy/sorrow, pain/pleasure, wisdom/confusion.

We are living in a time of great contrasts. God is present in all of it.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel

One Constant

This is a photo of the Yellowstone River after it has gone through the canyon. It looks dramatically different here as compared to the bottom of the canyon or feeding out of Yellowstone Lake.

As we go through our lives, it is likely that different people will see us differently. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have significantly changed; maybe our circumstances have. One thing is constant: how God sees us.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel

Around the river bend

I’ve shared more than one photo looking down a road, path or river with a bend which didn’t allow a view of what was around the bend. In this photo from Yellowstone, the surrounding landscape gives a good idea of what is “around the bend.”

Sometimes in life, if we don’t know what is coming, it’s because we are not looking in the right direction. Look up!

God in all things, Scenery

God Speaking

This is the third photo of the Grand Prismatic I have shared. Each was from a very different vantage point. As a result, each is a very different image and elicits different feelings.

Ingnatian discernment techniques can be very helpful in choosing between two (or more) seemingly good options. Suppose you are in your 60s (me) and thinking about retirement. Rather than simply listing the “pros and cons” of each option, one places themself in the future having made one decision and discerns whether that path gives a sense of joy. Then spend time thinking about having made the other decision.

Ignatius found that dreaming about fighting in battle and winning the heart of a lady was exciting but subsequently left him flat and feeling empty. When he dreamt about serving God, it left him feeling fulfilled and joyful. And though it was a difficult decision, he followed the path where he knew he was being led.

God often speaks to us in simply ways.

God in all things


This photo was taken on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at Inspiration Point. When I was first reviewing the pictures from this spot, I did not initially realize that the Lower Falls were in sight, because they are so far off in the distance. In fact, it is difficult to determine (from this photo) if the falls are on the same river as seen at the bottom of the canyon. We had just come from the Lower Falls, so I already knew they were. Not to mention the multiple maps showing the connection.

Even if we can’t easily connect all the points, the highlights clearly stand out. And while we often remember these as “God moments”, God is with us in the valleys too.