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This is the Lower Waterfall in Hocking Hills. We visited there at the end of last December. I think the picture is somewhat deceiving because it doesn’t look a bit like winter to me. I suppose all of the trees in the photo are evergreens. It was not a very cold day, in the 40s as I recall. But I was not remotely tempted to get into this water, as inviting as it appears.

It is often said that looks can be deceiving. An important principle to remember when trying to make decisions about our future. People are not always as happy as they look. Struggles can be very rewarding. Point A to Point B is not always a straight line.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery

Partly cloudy

This photo was taken in mid-winter at Sweet Arrow Reserve. You can see a little snow on the ground and ice on the water. The trees are without any signs of life. But the sun is shining, brightening the day. It’s cloudy but there is blue sky above.

What do you see in the world around you? There is always good and bad; it’s important not to be too focused on either.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel


This is a photo from Glacier National Park from September 3 years ago. I enjoy seeing photos from the park on their Facebook page. Sometimes, it brings back fond memories. Other times, I’m struck by how different the park looks at different times of the year. In different seasons.

I’ve only recently come to recognize our lives as having seasons. With children who are now adults and grand children who are growing up quickly, the cycle of renewal has become much more obvious to me. How fitting that we have been described s as God’s vineyard.

God in all things, Scenery


This photo was taken in early November.

It is evident that autumn is upon us, as evidenced by the change in color of the leaves. Fast forward less than two weeks and it feels like winter is upon us.

Just as winter is associated with dying and death, autumn can be associated with the aging process. Similar to the leaves changing color as winter approaches, my hair is rapidly becoming gray. Wrinkles are appearing.

The seasons also remind us of the circle of life. Summer fades into autumn as then to winter which eventually leads to spring and new life. I look around and see new life in my grand children.

God said “It is good”