God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel


This photo was taken flying over Provo, Utah. The snow capped mountains create a stunning visual. What strikes me most though is the river traversing through the mountain ridge. How does that happen? Geologists probably have a good theory. Whatever the explanation, I’m sure you have to go way back in history for it to make sense.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy history much when I was in school. I certainly enjoy it much more now. In large part, that is because I want to understand why things are the way they are now and I recognize that you need to go way back in history for an understanding. I’ve learned a lot over the past 3 weeks. History that isn’t taught in schools. Experiences that others have had that I have not.

I pray that each of us will have the humility to listen and learn.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel

First Reactions

This is a photo of Bear Lake, which suits on the Utah/Idaho border. The drive there from Salt Lake City is very scenic but full of twists and turns. I remember coming around a corner and seeing the lake. It was a cloudless day (two days before this photo was taken) and it was striking how blue the water looked.

It makes me wonder what reaction the Israelites had when they first saw the promised land, a land “flowing with milk and honey.” God’s goodness is hard to fully appreciate!


The Desert

Generally, if I think about the desert, the word that comes to mind is barren. The first two times I was in a desert were both while driving to California, in cars without air conditioning. Neither trip did anything but re-enforce my idea of deserts as being lifeless and void of beauty.

Nothing like actually spending some time exploring to change ones mind. This photo was from a trip to Moab, Utah. I found a place of amazing beauty, actually full of life. Nothing like getting out and exploring God’s creation!


No One Like Our God

This photo was taken 2 years ago at Canyonlands NP. I remember hiking through one of the small canyons and climbing up on the ridge where I took this picture. Such a contrast between the vegetation in the canyons and along the trails above.

I heard this song as I was driving to work this morning and thought it fit well with this scene.

Who hung the stars upon the night

And showed the sun how bright to shine

Who shaped the world within his hands?

Who set the sky upon the hills

And told the waters to be still

Who spoke to form the universe

Only you, only you, only you

There is no one like our God

(No one like our God, Lincoln Brewster)



This photo was on a flight to Utah. That squiggly line near the middle of the bottom of the photo is a road. Seeing a road from this high up gives you a very different perspective of where the road is headed as compared to being on that road, I’m sure.

In life, we don’t usually get a “big picture view“ of where our “road” is headed. However, with regular reflection, it is certainly possible to see more of the road we are following.



“I can’t believe what I just saw!” Jack Buck, radio broadcast of Kirk Gibson Home Run in the 1988 World Series.

Flying home from Utah, I was looking out the plane window and saw only a layer of white clouds. Just a little bit later, I looked out and saw something I had never seen before. I’m really not even sure how to describe it. Somehow, while the sun was still shining above the clouds, it was also shining through from below the clouds. Fortunately, I took a picture so you don’t really need my description. God continues to amaze me!