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Rivers of Tea

This photo was taken in June at Congaree National Park. If you look at the far edge of the water, you see that the water is a dark brown color. At first we assumed it was muddy, but when you approached the edge of the river you could see through the water very easily. We were told that the brown color was due to tannins from leaves and tree bark. It could be thought of as a River of tea!

Those around us have a profound effect upon us (and vice versa).

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This is a photo taken at Congaree National Park in June. These are cypress tree knees; their exact function is not certain but it is thought they add stability to the tree in soft muddy soil. A sort of support system.

As a think about these trees, I can’t help but reflect on my support system. Friends and family that I know I can rely on. I pray that I provide similar support for others.

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Who is my neighbor?

This photo is from the Middle Taylor Creek Trail in Zion NP. As I took this picture, I was focused on the dead tree, and the mountain peak in the distance. Not sure I noticed the boulder or scattered branches and smaller rocks on the ground.

What makes us notice some things we encounter and oblivious to other things? I’m not just talking about objects. We may hear about terrible things happening on the other side of the world and it has little impact on us. If we see the same thing happening it has more of an impact. And if it happens to a family member of close friend, it can seem devastating.

We are called to care for not just those who are close, but all of our “neighbors” and even our enemies.

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Be Prepared

I have been trying to get a good spider web photo for years. This is by far the best I have gotten. As often happens, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time (with phone in hand). I was on a Sunday morning run when I saw this web glistening in the sun. It was easy to see from far away.

So often we find God when we aren’t even really looking. A good reason to always be prepared.

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Obstructed View

This is a photo near Berea, Kentucky. It was taken while looking out through an opening in the trees. The trees were not quite dense enough to create a “tunnel” view, but they definitely made it difficult see everything along the hike. In other settings, we might talk about an “obstructed” view. Or even “blinds spots.”

Recent discussions have shown me how many of us have blind spots regarding racism in our society. The reflection from Jesuitprayer.org this morning reminded me that as followers of Jesus, there is no “neutral,” in the face of injustice. There’s only racist or anti-racist. Taking action requires moving (being open) to a different point of view to see beyond our “obstructions”.

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This photo was taken at Sweet Arrow Nature Preserve earlier this month. The holes in this tree are from a woodpecker. As I understand, woodpeckers make holes looking for bugs/larva to eat. Holes this large may serve as a nest. Supposedly, these holes do not significantly affect the tree. However, a tree with many holes may not be healthy because it has/had many bugs.

Sometimes I feel like this tree, with my holes (flaws) completely exposed. It is reassuring to think that the “holes” are where God has removed my “bugs”.