This photo was on a flight to Utah. That squiggly line near the middle of the bottom of the photo is a road. Seeing a road from this high up gives you a very different perspective of where the road is headed as compared to being on that road, I’m sure.

In life, we don’t usually get a “big picture view“ of where our “road” is headed. However, with regular reflection, it is certainly possible to see more of the road we are following.


Getting Lost

With the higher than usual recent snowfall, my wife and I got out our old cross country skis and headed over to Sweet Arrow, a nearby park. Though I am not a fan of the cold, I love the snow. Especially getting out on trails in the snow.

Both of us commented that it was very disorienting to be out there when everything is covered by snow. Our usual route looks so different! More than once I thought we were lost.

Seems like a great analogy for for easily we can get “lost” in ours lives.

God in all things

Winter storm

We just got back from Jamaica last night and were greeted with the winter storm that hit the area yesterday. I got up this morning to this scene in our backyard.

We like to believe we are providing for the birds, especially when the elements are unkind. We know that God provides for us, especially in difficult times.

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