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One Constant

This is a photo of the Yellowstone River after it has gone through the canyon. It looks dramatically different here as compared to the bottom of the canyon or feeding out of Yellowstone Lake.

As we go through our lives, it is likely that different people will see us differently. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have significantly changed; maybe our circumstances have. One thing is constant: how God sees us.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery


I took this photo a couple of weeks ago at the bottom of the steps heading up from Sugar Creek. I’ve noticed that it is difficult to capture a change in elevation with a photo. These are very steep steps but you could almost convince yourself the path is actually flat by looking at the photo.

Some things must be experienced to be appreciated. Thankfully, each of us experiences God’s overwhelming love, though in different ways. Through family and friends. Through a vocation. Through God’s creation.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel


This photo is from our trip to Glacier NP 3 years ago. This was on the Ptarmigan trail. Like most hikers, we were willing to follow the trail with only a vague idea of where it was heading. This particular trail heads to a tunnel which you cannot see until you are practically just a few yards from it. Despite not being able to see exactly where the tunnel was, we were confident we would make it to the other side of the ridge.

And so it is with our walk with God. We need to trust that the “tunnels“ will be exactly where we need them.

God in all things, Photography, Travel


This photo was taken in 2017 at Glacier National Park. As a disclaimer, we were not as close as this picture might suggest and there was a row of trees between us and the moose.

I thought of this photo because my wife and I are currently working on a puzzle that is in the shape of a moose. It’s challenging because the pieces have very irregular shapes.

Right now, my life feels a little bit like a puzzle with irregular shapes. It’s challenging because everything is so different from the routine. Taking the same approach to life and the puzzle – one piece at a time!