God in all things, Scenery


This photo was taken on a flight out of Chicago earlier this year. If you look closely, you can see the top of Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) sticking up through the clouds.

A number of phrases come to mind: the tip of the iceberg, up to my eyes in (fill in the blank), struggling to keep my head above water, lost in a fog. It strikes me that all of these have a negative connotation. There is something inherently frightening about darkness and not be able to see.

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the house tops. Luke 12:2-3

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

God with us

This was a view from near the top of amount Washburn in Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon is seen crossing in the center of the photo with Yellowstone Lake behind it. In the distance, you can see the mountains where the Yellowstone River begins. It was literally breathtaking, but some of that may have been due to the hike to over 10,000 feet.

It’s an incredible feeling, having such a vantage point. Very different than what you would see from an airplane. In fact, we flew directly over Yellowstone as we were traveling home. From far away, such on a plane, everything looks very two dimensional.

reflection, Scenery

The Familiar

This photo was taken as we were approaching to land in Athens. Athens is near the center of the photo. When I took the picture, my focus was on the city and how it seems to be creeping up the bordering mountains. I didn’t notice the layer of white near the top of the photo until I was editing it. My initial thought was that these were mountains, maybe even the Alps! But on closer inspection, I realized they were “only” clouds.

Why do I find it disappointing they are not mountains? Maybe clouds seem more common or ordinary. While there is comfort in the familiar, excitement often lies in the unknown or at least the less known. Conversely, there is a tendency to fear the less known. May we be grateful for both the foreign and familiar.

reflection, Scenery


Kiawah Island

There are many things that I really enjoy taking pictures of, and birds would certainly be on that list. I’m not certain why birds fascinate me but two obvious things come to mind. One is their ability to fly and the beauty of flight. The other is the amazing diversity of birds.

There is also an amazing diversity among people. We are experiencing a time when this is a source of much pain. Let us pray that it would rather be a cause for celebration.

reflection, Scenery


“I can’t believe what I just saw!” Jack Buck, radio broadcast of Kirk Gibson Home Run in the 1988 World Series.

Flying home from Utah, I was looking out the plane window and saw only a layer of white clouds. Just a little bit later, I looked out and saw something I had never seen before. I’m really not even sure how to describe it. Somehow, while the sun was still shining above the clouds, it was also shining through from below the clouds. Fortunately, I took a picture so you don’t really need my description. God continues to amaze me!