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This photo was taken in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Virginia Beach) last month. The egret (just left of center) had attracted my attention. I wonder, do birds experience isolation? If so, is it something they seek or something they avoid?

For people, isolation can be helpful or harmful. Or both at the same time. So many people are experiencing isolation right now due to the pandemic. Some are comforted by the experience but many are discomforted. I pray for God’s peace for everyone experiencing isolation.

God in all things

But it looks good on you!

I encourage everyone to wear some type of mask (not medical) whenever you are out and will be anywhere there are other people. This is me at the end of my morning run today. It wasn’t so bad.

I realize there isn’t a lot of evidence this makes a big difference but even if it only helps prevent spread by a small amount, it is worth it. The lives we save my be yours or one of your loved ones.

(Pardon the Caddyshack quote)