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The Eye

This is another photo from Zion National Park. This one is from the Angel’s Landing Trail. I don’t think we saw a cloud the first 5 days of our trip. It is difficult to get a good picture when the sun is so bright. I was happy to get a blue sky even though there is significant artifact.

The human eye is amazing. Very often, a camera is simply not able to capture what the eye can see unassisted.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery


Praise the Lord from the heavens;

praise the Lord in the heights.

Praise the Lord, all his angels;

praise the Lord, all his hosts.

Praise the Lord, sun and moon;

praise the Lord, all shining stars.

Praise the Lord, highest heavens,

and the waters above the heavens.

Let them praise the name of the Lord,

who commanded, and they were created.

God established them forever and ever.

Psalm 148:1-6

Photo: Sweet Arrow Preserve, Sugarcreek Township

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel


This is another photo of the Grand Prismatic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. From this angle, the main thing visible from the spring is the stream rising. I like how the steam seems to merge with the clouds in the background. Which I suppose is literally what happens (eventually).

We are told we are dust and to dust we shall return (Gen 3:19). Since our bodies are about 50-60% water, maybe a more scientifically accurate statement would be we are water and to water we shall return.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery

About to rain

This photo was taken a little over a week ago at Sweet Arrow Preserve. We had checked the radar and forecast before we headed out to hike and it looked like the rain was going to hold off for a couple of hours. Less than 30 minutes into our hike, it started raining. And then raining harder. And then it let up a little. We stayed mostly on the wooded trails and didn’t get too wet… until we headed to the car. Then we got soaked.

The thing is, with the hot weather we have been having, it actually felt good. Sometimes, we avoid experiences that we know will be good for us. Sometimes, we dread what is about to happen only to realize it really wasn’t that bad. Thankfully, God knows what is good for us.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel


It’s not every day you see a rainbow. I can’t ever remember seeing one in the morning and evening on the same day. This was the one we saw in the evening a couple of days ago while at Virginia Back.

Rainbows are associated with pots of gold. This is an ancient fable and it seems possible that it was made up in part to represent the foolishness of chasing wealth. Foolish because there is no real end of a rainbow just as there is no end to chasing wealth.

I associate rainbows with hope. Probably because of God’s promise to Noah in Genesis. Just as foolish to some, I suppose.

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Mostly cloudy?

This photo was taken last weekend in Philadelphia during a hike with my wife and son at Wissahickon Park. Among topics discussed was a debate about the sky being cloudy, mostly cloudy, or partly sunny. As I understand, all three of these would be correct technically although partly sunny is less preferred because you can’t use the term at night. And cloudy is less precise than partly cloudy.

McKenzie and Nelson (2003) wrote about the importance of reference points and framing effects on how we might use different terms to describe the same situation. So if it had been raining, we might say that it is now only “partly” cloudy. If it previously had been a clear day, we might say it is “mostly” cloudy. These are simple examples of how our reference point influences what we “see“.

Which brings me to seeing God in all things. When we encounter things as we want them to be, it is easier to see God in the picture. It is more difficult to see God when we encounter things that are not the way we want.