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The Desert

Generally, if I think about the desert, the word that comes to mind is barren. The first two times I was in a desert were both while driving to California, in cars without air conditioning. Neither trip did anything but re-enforce my idea of deserts as being lifeless and void of beauty.

Nothing like actually spending some time exploring to change ones mind. This photo was from a trip to Moab, Utah. I found a place of amazing beauty, actually full of life. Nothing like getting out and exploring God’s creation!

reflection, Scenery


This photo of Landscape Arch was taken a couple of years ago at Arches National Park. It is a good example of how perceptions depend on your perspective. I think it is hard to get any real idea of just how high and long this Arch is. There is no real sense of depth/distance and nothing in the photo gives a sense of size.

Landscape Arch has the longest span of any natural Arch in the US (290 feet) and is 77 feet high. Amazingly, at the thinnest point, it is only 6 feet thick. You can no longer walk under the Arch because some large chunks (over 30 feet long) fell off in the 1990s.

It is also hard to gain perspective on the problems and challenges that people face in their lives. It’s easy to assume that someone “has it made.” Little do we know the difficulties they may be facing. Thankfully, God not only knows the challenges each of us face, God provides what we need to face them.

reflection, Scenery

Pictures of Infinite Beauty

Every so often, I’m looking through older photos, and I see one that I had completely forgotten. This photo was taken in Arches National Park a couple of years ago. At the extreme left in the photo, you can see part of the Fiery Furnace. In the distance are the La Sal Mountains. In between is the Salt Valley.

I had all but forgotten about this moment until I saw this photo. Then, a flood of memories came back to me. This was our first day in Moab, we had just hiked to Delicate Arch – the famous arch featured in Utah license plates. It was late afternoon and we wanted to see the Fiery Furnace before sunset. We were treated to spectacular colors with the sunset.

Let me paraphrase a quote from John Ruskin:

God is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.