God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

Unseen Damage

This is the view overlooking Coral Bay, Saint John VI. It looks amazing from this spot. But when you drive down to the town, you can still see significant damage from Hurricane Irma one and a half years later. Damage to buildings, abandoned cars, dead trees.

How comforting that God not only sees the big picture, God is with us in each moment and knows whatever we may be suffering.

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God


This photo was taken at Indiana Dunes NP last weekend. This park was recently designated a National Park and we thought it might be a good place to meet some friends from Chicago and do some hiking. Was it ever!

It is hard for me to conceive of all this starting as sand blowing from the lakeshore beach. Thousands of years ago. Sauntering through these dunes, it’s hard to not see God’s hand at work.

reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

The Desert

Generally, if I think about the desert, the word that comes to mind is barren. The first two times I was in a desert were both while driving to California, in cars without air conditioning. Neither trip did anything but re-enforce my idea of deserts as being lifeless and void of beauty.

Nothing like actually spending some time exploring to change ones mind. This photo was from a trip to Moab, Utah. I found a place of amazing beauty, actually full of life. Nothing like getting out and exploring God’s creation!

reflection, Scenery

The Familiar

This photo was taken as we were approaching to land in Athens. Athens is near the center of the photo. When I took the picture, my focus was on the city and how it seems to be creeping up the bordering mountains. I didn’t notice the layer of white near the top of the photo until I was editing it. My initial thought was that these were mountains, maybe even the Alps! But on closer inspection, I realized they were “only” clouds.

Why do I find it disappointing they are not mountains? Maybe clouds seem more common or ordinary. While there is comfort in the familiar, excitement often lies in the unknown or at least the less known. Conversely, there is a tendency to fear the less known. May we be grateful for both the foreign and familiar.

reflection, Scenery

God do!

This photo was taken at Tent Rocks National Monument near Santa Fe, New Mexico. The rock formations inspiring the name of this park can be seen just to the right of center. The tent rocks are actually hoodoos that come to a point and resemble tents. We also saw hoodoos in Turkey that were so large people carved out homes and lived inside of them.

Hoodoos form in an area where there is a thick layer of soft rock covered by a thin layer of a harder rock. Cracks in the thin hard layer allow for erosion of the softer layer underneath. As the underlying layer erodes, pieces of the upper layer break away leaving small “islands“ which develop into the hoodoos.

For me, learning about geology reminds me of learning about the human body; God‘s creation is so amazing!

reflection, Scenery

No One Like Our God

This photo was taken 2 years ago at Canyonlands NP. I remember hiking through one of the small canyons and climbing up on the ridge where I took this picture. Such a contrast between the vegetation in the canyons and along the trails above.

I heard this song as I was driving to work this morning and thought it fit well with this scene.

Who hung the stars upon the night

And showed the sun how bright to shine

Who shaped the world within his hands?

Who set the sky upon the hills

And told the waters to be still

Who spoke to form the universe

Only you, only you, only you

There is no one like our God

(No one like our God, Lincoln Brewster)