About Signs

After completing El Camino de Santiago in May 2016, Marylynn and I came home with many memories and many pictures. Going through the pictures obviously brings back some of these memories, but it also provides an opportunity to reflect on the experiences. As I was reading a blog from one of the other pilgrims in our group, Maria Carroll (Way of the Star), I realized how quickly some of my memories would be fading. Since I didn’t keep a daily journal (like my wife), I decided this forum was a good place to start writing down my reflections.

The name “Signs Along the Way” is a reference to the many signs seen as we hiked along the Camino. These signs have an obvious literal message for pilgrims, but are also an wonderful metaphor for the many “signs” God places in our lives.

My goal is to share pictures not only from our pilgrimage to Spain, but also from a “project” I started at the beginning of 2016 which I was planning to call “Seeing God in All Things”. I have been taking a picture every day of things from nature where I see God. Hopefully, I’ll be able share pictures and reflections from future trips as well.

TH 5/20/16

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