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As we were finishing a short hike at Theodore Roosevelt NP, a couple standing at the parking area asked us if we realized we were being followed by a bison. We turned around and saw this guy not far behind us. We climbed a small hill and watched him walk by.

There continues to be stories in the news of people who think it’s OK to walk up to these animals and wind up being injured by them. And I do admit that they seem very mild manner when you see them walking by like this. However, I’m never tempted to get close to one. So what leads to the tragic error in judgment for those who wind up in the news?

I’m currently reading a book, The Whole Language by Gregory Boyle (Homeboy Industries). In it, he talks about the sad choices former gang members had made. Often his message is don’t judge but rather try to understand why choices are made. I often say “there but for the Grace of God go I”. I realize I have made plenty of bad choices without ever finding myself in a hopeless situation. If we are to learn to love others as God does, we need to stop seeing others as different than ourselves.


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