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This was photo was taken at Guadalupe Mountains NP, on the McKitrick Canyon Trail. There are so many interesting details in this image – a patch of red leaves, the tree with white bark. I’m drawn to the white stone trail disappearing into the distance. Maybe it represents an ongoing adventure, sort of like the yellow brick road.

It brings to mind a reflection from “The Inner Chapel: Embracing the Promises of God” by Becky Eldredge. Notice what you are noticing. Discernment is about noticing. Noticing the promises of God at work in our life. Noticing the deep desires in our hearts to respond to the love given to us. Noticing the longings of other people. Noticing our gifts. We discover the unique call upon our lives when we notice the needs of the world around us and the gifts we have to respond to the needs. When we notice both the needs of the world and our gifts that give us joy and meet those needs, we have found our promised unique call.


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