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Questions and Answers

This is another photo from Sweet Arrow Preserve, taken 2 weeks ago. The flower is a Wild teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris). According to Wikipedia, the name “teasel“ comes from the use of this flower to brush (tease) cloth. Sadly, it is probably an invasive species in the park.

I found the name of the species using an app (PlantSnap) that identifies plants and trees directly from a photo. I have another app for identifying birds but you have to manually enter the distinguishing characteristics (rather than it happening automatically from a photo).

It’s tempting to think of the Bible as a spiritual version of Wikipedia (or the plant/bird apps). Have a question? Just look up the answer! While I definitely believe God communicates with us through the Bible, it’s not quite so simple as just “looking up” answers. Discernment is required. But that is not a bad thing!


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