God in all things, Photography, Scenery

Stepping Stones

This is another photo from Sugarcreek Preserve near Bellbrook. Many of the local parks have large stones serving as creek crossings rather than bridges. The stones certainly have a more “natural” appearance than a bridge would. On the other hand, a stone crossing is more likely to be impassable after a heavy rain (a common summertime occurrence around here).

When I see these crossings, I think about the amount of work that went into preparing them. And I appreciate the fact that I can cross the stream without walking in the water. In fact, those times when the stones are underwater make me even more aware of the privilege of having these crossings.

God does a pretty good job of providing us a way across the “streams” we encounter in life. Often we do not recognize the handiwork. And sometimes, we have to wait to cross.


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