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This photo was taken in 2017 at Glacier National Park. As a disclaimer, we were not as close as this picture might suggest and there was a row of trees between us and the moose.

I thought of this photo because my wife and I are currently working on a puzzle that is in the shape of a moose. It’s challenging because the pieces have very irregular shapes.

Right now, my life feels a little bit like a puzzle with irregular shapes. It’s challenging because everything is so different from the routine. Taking the same approach to life and the puzzle – one piece at a time!

God in all things, Photography, Scenery

Social Distancing

These birds obviously did not get the social distancing directive. This photo is a reminder that like the birds, we were created to live in community.

Social distancing is a one of many big challenges that we are now facing. Schools have been closed, people are working from home or not able to work at all. Church services have been cancelled across the country. Many people are already suffering.

Today’s daily meditation from the Center for Action and Contemplation: “[God] wants us to come to the [Divine Presence] in our anger, in our fear, in our loneliness, in our hurt, and in our confusion.”

God is there for us; we must also be there for each other.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel

The Path

This photo was taken during a hike in the Virgin Islands National Park last year. if you look closely you can see the path going forward; notice how it passes close to the edge of a sharp drop off (near the middle right in the photo).

I often write about hiking on a path as a metaphor for the paths that we follow in our lives. This photo certainly illustrates the dangers that we encounter in life, particularly if we do not keep our eyes properly focused on the path ahead.

God in all things, Photography, Scenery, Travel

Around the river bend

I’ve shared more than one photo looking down a road, path or river with a bend which didn’t allow a view of what was around the bend. In this photo from Yellowstone, the surrounding landscape gives a good idea of what is “around the bend.”

Sometimes in life, if we don’t know what is coming, it’s because we are not looking in the right direction. Look up!