Oral traditions

This is the last photo I took on our trip to New Mexico before getting on the plane to come home. It is Red Rock in Jemez Springs. When I look at the photo, what I remember is the welcome center across the road. Inside the welcome center, there was a small museum for the Native American tribe that lived in the area.

It was very interesting to learn more about the history of the original people of New Mexico. I admit that I knew very little before our trip. One thing I learned was the importance of their oral traditions, handed down through many generations.

Oral traditions are also very important for Christianity, especially for the historical books of the Old Testament, the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) and probably some of the epistles attributed to Paul. All were likely stories and messages that were told and re-told many times before they were written in the form we recognize as the Bible.


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