Pictures of Infinite Beauty

Every so often, I’m looking through older photos, and I see one that I had completely forgotten. This photo was taken in Arches National Park a couple of years ago. At the extreme left in the photo, you can see part of the Fiery Furnace. In the distance are the La Sal Mountains. In between is the Salt Valley.

I had all but forgotten about this moment until I saw this photo. Then, a flood of memories came back to me. This was our first day in Moab, we had just hiked to Delicate Arch – the famous arch featured in Utah license plates. It was late afternoon and we wanted to see the Fiery Furnace before sunset. We were treated to spectacular colors with the sunset.

Let me paraphrase a quote from John Ruskin:

God is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.


Salt of the World

This is another photo taken on St John, USVI at the National Park. This is called the Salt Pond and if you look closely, you can see something white at the edge of the pond. This is salt which forms at the edges (and gives the pond it’s name). This happens because the pond is actually below sea level. So water from the sea gets in, but can not escape except by evaporation. When there are extended periods of time with no rain, the salt concentration get so high that the salt precipitates out. People actually come to this pond to collect salt and report that it “tastes good!” The red color is reportedly due to algae in the pond.

We are called to be salt, to provide “flavor” for the world. In our modern world, it is easy to overlook the value and importance of salt. I imagine the value of salt was more appreciated in New Testament times.

May we allow God to use us to provide “value” to those around us.

God in all things


How quickly things can change!

I remember walking by this flower bed on Wednesday and there were no flowers blooming yet. On Thursday, I was surprised to see multiple flowers blooming and took the first picture. Friday, it seemed like all the buds had opened.

In life, sometimes we embrace change and sometimes we resist it. But we can’t avoid it.

God in all things

Seeing things

This photo was taken in Jamaica, at Galina Breeze going from the water up the steps to the hotel rooms. This is a fence of sorts, set up along the steps. I can’t help but feel like there are animals hiding among the branches. The feeling is even stronger going up the steps after sunset.

How often do things only exist in our imagination? How often do our biggest fears have no basis in reality?


One of a Kind

This is a photo of Devils Tower in Wyoming, taken last year during a brief trip out west. The name is an unfortunate mis-translation of the Native American name (which is more like “Bear’s House”). It is a surreal sight. I’m sure part of the reason for me is due to having first seen it in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But also, it is such a one of a kind formation.

In our Father’s eyes, each of us is very “one of a kind.”



This photo was taken a few years ago in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The park is a large animal preserve, one of the largest national parks in the world. It is roughly the same size as New Jersey.

This photo does not begin to capture the moment. As I reflected on my memories, the word that came to mind was “awesome.” This morning, as I drove to work this song was on the radio:

Heaven and earth are singing

Glory hallelujah

Let the whole world see

The greatness of our God

In awesome wonder

He reigns forever

(Newsboys – The Greatness of our God)