God in all things

What do you call it?

The tree is this photo is native to Malaysia and Australia. It has been introduced throughout the tropics, and in Jamaica it is known simply as “Jamaican apple” or the more common Otaheite apple. There are a number of English common names – the Malay apple, Malay rose apple, mountain apple, rose apple, Otaheite apple, pink satin-ash and pommerac. In Jamaica, it is commonly eaten freshly picked from the tree. But it is often used to make a refreshing apple drink (often with ginger added). Other times the otaheite apple is stewed with brown sugar and ginger, which makes a very nice sauce that is sometime serve with ice cream as a dessert.

I call my reflections “Seeing God in All Things” and talk about experiencing God visually, but there are many other experiences that are God moments. Maybe you understand something clearly for the first time – an “aha” moment. Sometimes, they are experienced as an overwhelming sense of peace, awe, or joy. Whatever you call it, recognize it as God’s presence.

Reflection from seeinggodinallthings.com


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