God in all things

Patiently Waiting

Photography has changed considerably since the advent of digital pictures. One of the big changes is the number of pictures that we take now. Another is being able to see the photo immediately after taking it.

I took this photo this past Thursday afternoon at Sweet Arrow. I was just snapping a few quick pics “on the run” and as I took this pic, a butterfly flew right in front of me. I was sure it was in my picture but had no idea where in the picture or whether it was even focus. I really didn’t want to stop to try to look at the picture then, but was anxious to see it as soon as I got home. (Disclaimer: photo has been cropped.)

This experience made me realize how much we (I) look for instant gratification. Which is certainly not God’s way. God’s way is definitely more of “when the time is right.” I prayer that I can more patiently wait on God.


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