God in all things


I recently read that this could be one of the coldest Aprils on record. On the other hand, the flowers are wonderful sign that spring is here. In every season, there are things which are easy to like and things difficult to like.

And so it is with the seasons of life.

God in all things

Bird’s eye view

I love to watch birds fly, and especially glide. There was a video I saw recently from a camera mounted to the back of an eagle.

It is amazing to “see” what the eagle sees. I put see in quotes because we are definitely not able to appreciate exactly what the eagle sees.

Once again, a reminder that God sees things we don’t!

God in all things


This photo of a tree from Mt Rainier National Park reminds me of peeling off layers from an onion. Which is a common metaphor for trying to sort out the complexities of our lives. Or emotions.

I recently read another metaphor, attributed to Father John Bartunek:

“Silence, for our spiritual life, is like the space inside the body of a violin: it is what allows the music to resonate.”

I find hiking provides the silence which allows me to reflect on God’s presence in my life.

God in all things

Sight and Sound

This picture was taken near the end of a long hike in Glacier National Park. One of the things I most remember about this spot is hearing the roar of the falls from so far away.

“Seeing God in all things” may be better stated as “experiencing God in all things.” An experience is certainly more powerful and lasting when it involves more than one sense. The sight and sound of the falls. The sight and smell of flowers. And so “being present in the moment” involves using all of our senses.

God in all things

Window on the World

This is another photo from the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. If you are like me, your eye is drawn to the center of the image, looking into the distance. Why is that? Because it the center? Because it’s far away?

Whatever the reason, I would guess that most people pay little attention to the rock which forms a “window“ for this view. This is a recurring theme in our lives. Things which are close (the present) are routinely overlooked in favor of things far away (the future).

God in all things


This photo was taken at a spot called Angels Landing in Zion National Park. The view is breathtaking; this photo barely begins to capture the actual view. It is amazing to think about the thousands of years of erosion from the river and wind that formed the canyon.

There is a song that has been playing on the radio recently called “Masterpiece”, sung by Danny Gokey. It speaks how God is working in our lives – can we recognize the ways God is shaping us into a “masterpiece”?

You’re making a masterpiece

You shaping the soul in me

You’re moving where I can’t see

And all I am is in your hands

You’re taking me all apart

Like it was your plan from the start

To finish your work of art for all to see you’re making a masterpiece

Songwriters: Emily Lynn Weisband / Bernie Herms

God in all things

What difference a day makes

It seems hard to believe that these pictures were taken less than one day apart and about 30 feet from each other. In fact they were taken on the same day about 12 hours apart.

The changes we experience may be painful such as the loss of a job or loved one. They may be joyful like the birth of a child or graduation.

The celebration of Easter reminds us that God is with us through each of these changes.