God in all things

Fire and Smoke

Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier NP

There were terrible forest fires burning while we were at Glacier NP. In fact, multiple trails were closed and part of the main road through the park was closed due to the biggest fire. It was sad to think about all of the trees that were being burned as well as the threat to buildings in the park and those responsible for fighting the fires. Visibility was quite limited on most of the hikes we took. 

However, as a consequence of the smoke, there were some dramatic views and picture opportunities involving the sun. This photo was taken in the evening and the sun was barely visible through the smoke. However, notice the reflection of the sun in the lake. It’s actually more visible than looking directly at the sun. 

What a striking metaphor for God’s presence in the world which is sometimes most easily seen through other people or events in our lives. 


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