God in all things

Busy as a Bee

This photo was taken at our house recently. There were three or four bees buzzing around our raspberry plants. It was actually hard to get a decent picture of a bee because they hardly stayed in one place for any amount of time. “Busy as a bee” is a phrase heard often. It is usually used in a positive way, that is, implying that it’s good to be busy like a bee, always on the move/go. 

I’m not so sure that it really is a good thing to be “busy as a bee.” One of the dangers of being too busy is that we don’t take the time we should for the things that are truly important. 

There is a song that has been on the radio recently called “What you want” by Tenth Avenue North. I think the lyrics below are good to keep in mind when we feeling too busy. 

I’m so tired of chasing dreams

When I am wired to let you lead

You’re changing my heart

To want what you want

To love how you love

And that is enough

There’s no greater plan that I need to know

You only ask me to follow


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