God in all things

In Flight

I’ve been trying some different things while taking pictures recently. The picture above was taken from a slow motion video of this butterfly in flight. The link to the video is: https://youtu.be/5Shz0H73X58

It is amazing to me how different the wing motion is in slow motion. The butterfly appears to be gliding much of the time, as opposed to what is seen by our naked eye. 

Yet one more example of the limits on our ability to perceive things as they truly are. 

God in all things

Over the Rainbow 

This photo was taken on our return flight from Nicaragua in January. I had never seen a rainbow from above the clouds. I don’t really know how it was formed. That is, I understand the whole light and prism thing but I’m not sure what would be acting as a prism above the clouds. But not completely understanding the phenomenon does not make it less enjoyable for me. In fact, if anything, it adds to the beauty of the image.

There are many things about God I don’t understand. One God, three persons. Just, but forgiving. Eternal, literally existing before time began. Thankfully, not understanding only adds to my appreciation of God. 

God in all things


Marylynn and I have been going on some longer hikes to prepare for our trip to Glacier National Park. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago during our hike at Cesar Creek. One of the joys of hiking is seeing beautiful things both large and small. We are certainly looking forward to some of the grand views of mountains, glaciers and lakes. But were also looking forward to the beauty that can be found in the small things like the many wild flowers that you encounter hiking in the summer. 

God in all things

Busy as a Bee

This photo was taken at our house recently. There were three or four bees buzzing around our raspberry plants. It was actually hard to get a decent picture of a bee because they hardly stayed in one place for any amount of time. “Busy as a bee” is a phrase heard often. It is usually used in a positive way, that is, implying that it’s good to be busy like a bee, always on the move/go. 

I’m not so sure that it really is a good thing to be “busy as a bee.” One of the dangers of being too busy is that we don’t take the time we should for the things that are truly important. 

There is a song that has been on the radio recently called “What you want” by Tenth Avenue North. I think the lyrics below are good to keep in mind when we feeling too busy. 

I’m so tired of chasing dreams

When I am wired to let you lead

You’re changing my heart

To want what you want

To love how you love

And that is enough

There’s no greater plan that I need to know

You only ask me to follow

God in all things

Life Changes

I think it is ironic that I didn’t like tomatoes when I was younger. Now, I’ll gladly eat a tomato like a piece of fruit (which I think it technically is). 
It gets me thinking about how we change as we get older. And become resistant to change. It is said that people don’t really change. Obviously, we’re not talking about what you like or don’t like. Nor does it refer to becoming “set in your ways.” I think the saying refers more to attitudes and values. And while I think this may be largely true, I don’t completely agree with the idea. 

Many people have had “life-changing experiences.” The life of Paul is a striking example. St Ignatius of Loyola is another. God works in mysterious and yet wonderful ways.