God in all things

View from 10,000 Feet

Sometimes you hear mention of the “view from 10,000 feet”, meaning looking at the big picture without focusing on details. Part of what I like about this photo (besides the vivid colors) is seeing things from such a different perspective than standing on the ground. 

Of course, the other side of that is not seeing details which may be very important. For example, no people are visible from this altitude. So while it can be helpful (even necessary) to step back and try to see the big picture, it is at least as important to look at details. 

I recently took a course where you completed a survey to help you determine your strengths. Not surprisingly, I am detail oriented and want to approach things logically. “Big picture” people do things more by “feel”. 

Something to think about the next time you encounter someone who “just doesn’t get it”.


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