God in all things

Down, Creek, Up

We crossed quite a few bridges on the Camino and many of them were very picturesque. 

Usually, we saw the creek well before we saw the bridge. 

Eventually, a pattern became clear – a long slow descent, the creek sighting, crossing a bridge, then a long slow ascent. As much as we enjoying seeing these scenic creeks and bridges, we did not look forward the ensuing climbs. 

I’m struck by irony of this pattern. As a metaphor, we often talk about the “view from the top,” usually associated with a struggle to get to the top. When we were in Israel, we climbed to the top of Mount Tabor, thought to be where the transfiguration occurred. We talked about “coming down from the mountain” and how the disciples might have felt. 

I think the lesson is that in our lives, as often as “special” moments follow a difficult period,  maybe even more often they preceed the difficult periods. 


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