God in all things


In the “that’s ironic” category


I was talking to Marylynn this morning (or last night, the past 24 hours are a blur) about a reflection from Loretta Pehanich, about spilling coffee. The full reflection is at  http://www.ignatianspirituality.com/23989/a-fragrance-of-love
She describes how her husband makes coffee every night for her (for the next morning) and when she smells the coffee, she thinks about how his making coffee is an act of love and the smell reminds her of his love for her. One day driving to work, she spilled the coffee all over herself and the car. And she makes the choice to inhale – and thank God for the love of her husband. 
As we were getting off my connecting flight to MBJ, I overheard a mother telling her young daughter that now the mom was going to have yucky shoes all day because the daughter had spilled mom’s coffee. And my first thought was “is that going to be an all day reminder of what a blessing it is to have a young daughter?”

Baby El

Having tears of joy right now….


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