God in all things


We recently were in Charleston, SC for a wedding. One of the places we saw was Rainbow Row – here are a couple of my pictures.

Rainbow Row, view from the south

Rainbow Row, view from the north

The name is based on the colors used to paint the houses after they were restored in the 1940’s. As you can see, the houses look very different depending on whether you are looking north or south. This is a simple, but but striking example of how things can look very different depending on your perspective.

To take example one step further, these houses would have looked very different back in the 1930’s, even standing in the exact spots these pictures were taken. And if you go back to when these houses were first built, you would have to be in a boat to take these pictures because the river went all the way up to these houses.

It’s fairly simple to realize that we each see things differently, based on experiences and beliefs. It’s also easy to acknowledge that God sees things in a way we are not able to. Omnipresent means that God is not only everywhere at the same time but also everywhere at every time.

So when these houses were built, God knew they would eventually be painted different colors. OK, so maybe doesn’t mean much. But God knows what is on the other side of that painful experience we may be going through. And scripture says “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to God’s purpose.” (Rom 8:28)


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