God in all things

Objects May Appear Closer

As I looked through my pictures, I found several where there was something obvious near me and something in the distance. 

Marker in foreground, house in the distance

Railing in foreground, monastery in the distance

Flowers in foreground, hill in the distance

There is probably some artistic term for composing a picture this way. What strikes me is how much attention my eye gives to the closer object, even though in each case it is actually smaller/less significant. 

There is a clear analogy that can be made to things in our lives. When something is close, in location or time, it seems more important compared to “far off” things. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, just something we should be aware of. 
As I reflected further on this topic, it struck me how fortunate we are that God is everywhere (in time and place) and nothing is “far off” in God’s eyes. 


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