God in all things

Pleasant Surprises

I mentioned that on our fourth day of hiking, we had to choose between the shorter, more direct route or a longer route which went through Samos. In Samos, there is a monastery which was founded in the sixth century. 

Monastery of San Xulian de Samos

 If I understood our guide, part of the structure dates to the 12th century. We had high expectations of the visit and were not disappointed. 

Inside the church at the monastery

Monastery courtyard

Monastery hallway

The pleasant surprise was how beautiful the views were this day. We were told the other route had wonderful views and assumed the route through Samos did not. In fact, the views were some of the best of the trip. 

Overlooking the Rio Oribio

Overlooking a small hamlet

Field of canola

We hiked along the Rio Oribio, then the Rio Sarria the whole day. The walk was even more pleasant due to the fact that most peregrinos take the other route, so we felt like we had the coutryside to ourselves. 

How often do we have low or negative expectations based on no information or bad information? 


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