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View From the Top

Our second day of hiking was going to be our hardest day. That’s what we were told before we began. We would “only” be hiking about 8 miles, but would would be climbing from an elevation of about 550 m to 1300 m. After a short section on road, we veered to the left to begin a long climb on some of the more technical (rough) trail we used.

The route for bicycles (bicigrinos) stays on the road to the right

No shortage of rocks to walk on!


Walking sticks were very helpful this day

As we quickly discovered, one of the benefits of this climb was a series of stunning views. Not sure these pictures begin to capture the actual views.

View near La Faba

The lowest spot you can see is about where we started our climb.

View from O Cebreiro

This about the highest spot we reached on this day. We spent the night in O Cebreiro.

It seems rather obvious to compare climbing hills/mountains and enjoying the view from the top to overcoming obstacles in our lives and resulting perspectives that we gain from the experience. But I said it anyway.


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