God in all things

Looking up

As I was going through my pictures, I found more than a few taken of ceilings.


Cathedral in Santiago


St Ignatius Basilica, Loyola

I also found multiple pictures looking straight up through tall trees.

These pictures brought to mind one of the homilies from Fr Michael Sparrow. He is sharing his homilies from the pilgrimage at Heart to Heart. The homily I am remembering was about looking down and looking up. He discussed the need to be attentive to where we were walking on the Camino, or else we could easily trip and fall. But if you were always looking down, you would miss many beautiful views. Similarly, in our spiritual walk, we should not be so focused on our immediate situation (looking down) that we forget to spend time focusing on God (looking up).


2 thoughts on “Looking up

  1. illinipeg says:

    Tom, I too have thought about this homily and the one in the chapel in Santiago the night we arrived…holding on and letting go! I don’t think there are recordings of these but they are memorable and have found my way into my journal! Great Post! Thanks!

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