God in all things

Signs – Pointing the Way

Jeffrey, our guide the first days of our trip (before we started hiking) assured us that we were not going to get lost hiking the Camino. And he showed us the markings that we would be following during our journey – mostly yellow arrows

sometimes scallop shells

often both. 

Some of the arrows were old & fading. 

Some were accompanied by other important information. 

So while it was certainly possible to make a wrong turn, there was no shortage of guidance. 

One of the common topics of discussion during our trip was what it might have been like to be a peregrino (pilgrim) before all these signs were placed. Before guidebooks, Internet, electricity and so many of the other “conveniences” available to us now. My first reaction was say how fortunate we are to have all these things! But on reflection, I must accept that many of these things can actually detract the experience of pilgrimage. It is easy to “feel” less dependent on God when I can trust that the sign ahead is pointing me in the correct direction. When I know I have a room and bed waiting on me. When I have a connection to the Internet. Many pilgrims completely “unplug” from technologies during their travels. But reality is that you really can’t completely unplug, you can only minimize your exposures/dependence. 

Peregino, only the clothes on his back and a walking stick

Tom with high tech walking sticks, digital camera with telephoto lens, cell phone with local SIM card, light weight day pack, and fancy hat. 


3 thoughts on “Signs – Pointing the Way

  1. illinipeg says:

    Tom, I enjoyed this reflection, especially the part calling us to consider what may hinder deeper dependence on God — definitely something worthy of more prayer & discernment in my life.

  2. Yes, think how easy it would be if we had these (visible) yellow arrows to follow the right path in life … but instead, we have to listen to the voice of God (which is so much more satisfying) ➡️

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