God in all things

Through the Fog

When we got up on our third day of hiking, there was a dense fog in the valley below. We spent the night in O’Cebreiro which was one of the highest towns we traveled through. 

It was striking, to say the least. At the bottom of picture, you can see a small town right on the edge of the fog. 

Three days later, we had dense fog again. It was almost eerie to see the fog over the water as we left the town of Portomarin. 

As we hiked up, we passed through the fog until we were almost above it. At the same time, you could see the sun “burning” it off. 

It struck me that fog is a great metaphor for the effect of time on how we see things in life. Often, in the moment, we are completely unable to see the impact of an experience. Only later, in retrospect, can we understand how God was working in the situation. After the fog has lifted. 


5 thoughts on “Through the Fog

  1. illinipeg says:

    Tom, these images of the fog both mornings as we left O Cebreiro (Maria called it a heavenly vista) & Portamarin are still imprinted into my mind and heart. I have similar photos. I like the parallels you reflect on as we try to discern how God may be working in our lives. Clarity arises out of the haze or fog of confusion and mystery as time passes and we can look back and gain a better understanding and meaning from life experience. So very true. Thanks for sharing.

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