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Everyday Experiences

I’m sure I will be mostly posting photos from our trip to Yellowstone over the next few weeks. So today, I wanted to post a photo taken nearby. This one is at Sugarcreek Park this morning.

It is fairly easy to see God in a place like Yellowstone. It isn’t always as easy to see God in our every day experiences. Or in people we see regularly, like family, friends, or coworkers. I guess that is another way of saying we often take for granted the people and things around us.

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

What is remarkable?

A while back I heard a podcast discussing this question. The context of the discussion was why one idea is remarkable and another not or one event news and another event ordinary.

When I look at a photo, I am often trying to assess if it is remarkable. This is a photo from Bandelier National Monument; it is remarkable to me visually due the contrasting colors but also because of the geology. The Rio Grande River, seen in the distance, once flowed through part of this canyon. It was displaced to its current path 1/2 mile away by volcanic eruptions over 1 million year ago.

To me, seeing God in all things is another way to talk of seeing what is remarkable.

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

Addition by subtraction

I usually carry my phone with my when I run and often stop to get a photo of something that catches my eye. This photo was taken in Kiawah this summer. The bird caught my eye and I was fortunate to to get my phone out quick enough to catch it flying across the water.

Of course, photos taken in a rush are seldom framed perfectly. I’m posting the original photo below. As you can see, I’ve cropped the original quite a bit. Hopefully you agree that I’ve improved the image.

I have come to understand that much of the process of being “fashioned” in God’s image means that there are things which need to be removed from my life. Things like anger, hate, jealousy and distrust.

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

What is beauty?

When I traveled to Nebraska for a marathon last year, I really wasn’t expecting much scenery. However, I was intrigued by the name of the race, Bohemian Alps. I didn’t think of Nebraska as hilly, let alone mountainous.

The race director explained that many of the people who settled in that part of Nebraska were from a region in Czechoslovakia, also known as Bohemia. And while there were no mountains, it was certainly rolling with one hill after another. And quite scenic. He had lived there many years, and it was clear that he had a strong fondness for the area and the course.

It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.“ I think it should be said “if you want to see beauty, open your eyes.“



This photo was taken on a flight from Dallas to Salt Lake City earlier this year. I’m fairly certain that is the Colorado River seen at the bottom left.

While there are many things I like about this photo, I find myself amused by the clouds and their shadows seen almost directly below them. The shadows look so different from the clouds themselves, yet it is easy to recognize which shadow belongs to which cloud.

I think this is a beautiful metaphor for God’s presence in our lives.

God in all things, reflection, Scenery, Seeing God

Unseen Damage

This is the view overlooking Coral Bay, Saint John VI. It looks amazing from this spot. But when you drive down to the town, you can still see significant damage from Hurricane Irma one and a half years later. Damage to buildings, abandoned cars, dead trees.

How comforting that God not only sees the big picture, God is with us in each moment and knows whatever we may be suffering.